As you know, we recommend transporting your dog in a crate, seat belt, or behind a cargo barrier when you travel by automobile, at least until your pet is two years old. But this can be tricky for truck owners – especially those who drive crew or extended cab trucks. Good news – we’ve field tested a solution that we like, and thought we’d share!

Doggie-Distracted Driving

Driving with an active, pacing, or unruly dog in the front seat of any vehicle is distracting, and just as dangerous as texting and driving. Some dogs, like Kix Puppy in the photo to the right, know the front seat is off limits, but still manage to ride ‘up front’ via the middle seat console. This limits my view and is not only unsafe, but also his muddy paws can leave a mess on the console.

Front Seat Barrier Concept

A “front seat safety barrier” is an excellent option for crew/club cab truck owners and owners of small cars with limited back seat space. Front seat barriers are lightweight, inexpensive nylon shields that attach in between the two front seats and prevent your pet from jumping from the back seats into the front seats while you are on the road.

Testing the Auto Pet Barrier

We tried a front seat safety barrier which has a pocket for essentials such as a leash and food dish. It also has a mesh see-through panel so your dog can see up front without being up front. Kix Puppy appreciated this feature, and we think it helped to keep him content when his newly-reduced access to the front seat was implemented.

If you have been having trouble limiting your pet to the back seat of your truck, or you have a small car (or even if you have a dog who can’t/won’t ride in a crate or seat harness,) this might just be a solution that will help.

For other behavior issues – truck related or not – come see us for a free Behavior Evaluation! There’s no cost – all it takes is an hour of your time. We’d love to help

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