The sun has finally arrived! Here are a few tips to ensure that you and your pup can enjoy warm weather safely.

1.) Provide unlimited access to water

Contrary to popular belief, dogs actually do sweat and need to replace their body’s water even more rapidly than humans. On average, dogs should take in about 1.5 ounces of water per pound of body weight. So, a 40lbs dog needs about a half-gallon of water per day, but even more is needed to battle those really hot days. To avoid dehydration, always bring plenty of cool, fresh water with you and offer it to your dog at least every 20 minutes.

2.) Never, ever leave your dog alone in a car

On an 80°F day, the interior of a car can rise to 115°F in as little as 30 minutes. If it’s 90°F outside, the inside of a car can exceed 125°F in just 30 minutes. Every year hundreds of pets die of heat stroke from being left inside vehicles, most just within the matter of minutes. Consider dog daycare instead of leaving your pup in a car.

3.) Protect your dog from sunburn

Believe it or not, dogs can get sunburned just as easily as humans. They’re especially sensitive around the nose, face, ears, and belly. The best protection is to simply provide shade for your dog, so be sure to pack an umbrella or find a large shady tree.

4.) Avoid hot surfaces

Unlike us humans, your dog doesn’t have shoes to protect his feet from scorching pavement. Also be wary of other hot walking surfaces such as sand, concrete, asphalt, and artificial turf. Grass is best for walking on hot days, and you may want to consider using a paw balm to protect your dog’s pads from drying and cracking.

5.) Let your dog swim or play in water

Cooling your dog’s surface temperature is paramount in the fight against heat exhaustion, and there’s no better ways than playing in a sprinkler or swimming in a pool or natural body of water. Be sure to provide your dog with a doggie life jacket to help them stay afloat.

6.) Try summer treats

There are many premade cold or frozen dogs treats available on the market, but you may find it cheaper and more fun to create your own. Try freezing a Kong with peanut butter or your dog’s favorite treat, or even make your own pupsicles using ice cube trays.

7.) Use cooling beds

Electronic cooling beds, elevated cots, and cooling gel layer beds are your dog’s best bet for summer relaxation, but in a pinch, try dunking towels in ice water and letting your dog lay on them to cool off.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderfully fun and safe summer with your dog!

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