As all of you know, Washington is a very rainy state. Being a dog owner in Washington has its perks with having some beautiful outdoor adventures and some awesome dog parks. But rainy day, after rainy day you and your pooch get cooped up inside. A bored dog is a mischievous dog, at least for me and my pup! I wanted to share with all of you some fun indoor activities you can do with your dog to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated.

Something easy to do without having to purchase anything is playing the game “FIND IT” with your pup. All you need is your dogs kibble or treats and a bowl or something to cover the treat. To teach your dog, start by showing your pup that treat in your hand and let them sniff it. Place treat on the ground and cover with object. Once your pup has gotten the hang of finding the treat, start putting the command “FIND IT” to the activity. You can advance the game by having your dog sit and wait and then place treats throughout your house for them to find. This game is a great for keeping your pup mentally stimulated

My personal dogs absolutely LOVES puzzles. We have a couple different ones that we use her kibble or some dog treats. You can find them online or even at some local pet stores. Dog puzzles are a way great to keep your dog mentally stimulated as well.

One more thing I enjoy to do is playing tug with my dog. She has so much fun and I get to teach her “drop it” or “OUT”, along with leave it and wait. Dogs love to play and learn. Combining the two makes it that much better!

Now I am sure there are many more activities to do with your dog indoors, these are just my three personal favorites. And if you are super busy one day or your dog needs to burn off some pent energy, drop them off at Jax Dog Drop for some fun with their friends to play and socialize. If your dog hasn’t attended daycare before, give a location a call or email and we can set you up for a trial!

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