Dogs love to play and romp with their favorite people, toys, and other dogs. When you want to work on some training with your dog you can easily make it fun and rewarding by incorporating their favorite toy or activity. Typically you want to use a toy your dog gets very excited about when its brought out.

If your dog already knows the command i.e SIT, DOWN, STAY, COME you can incorporate all of that into what I like to call structured play. While playing with your pup you can reinforce behaviors you want. Playing fetch teaches your dog to come back to you and their reward is catching the ball. Playing Tug of war teaches your dog to give you the toy when you say ‘drop it’ or ‘give’ and to take the toy when you are ready.

The benefits of structured play are incredible. Doing this regularly with your pooch will reinforce all the good behavior you want. Along with making any training fun and rewarding for the both of you!

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